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Album Title: MOTHERS...
Event Date: 7th May, 2022
“It is good to give thanks to the Lord,
and to sing praises to your name, O Most High”
(Ps: 92:1)

It is indeed good to give thanks and sing His praises for all His graces and blessings we have received from God Almighty. We thank God for the person of Rev. Sr. Joyce who served this institution for a considerable long time, contributing from her rich and varied experience. She has not left any stone unturned for the same. You have experienced this process of making your child grow to its full development. We thank God for her untiring and selfless efforts to take the school to newer heights. May God bless her abundantly with His graces and reward which He has in store for her.

As I have begun my new journey in this beloved institution I put my trust in God and in the support and cooperation extended to me in my day to day discharge of duties. I entrust myself, this institution, your child and you all into the providential care and safety of our father God who watches over us and takes care of us. I would invite you to join me in the process of educating your ward together with my teachers.

It is you and we teachers jointly take your ward from where she/he now to where she/he can be. Our students heavily depend on us. Their future lies in our hands. God has chosen us as His instrument to materialize the plans and purposes that He has for your ward.

Hence, May I draw your attention to following areas of your parenting

  • Your capacity to say no to your ward when you decide it so.
  • Spending quality time everyday taking toll of your ward’s time/friends etc.
  • Being vigilant and diligent to learn your ward’s friends and their background
  • Timely and regular monitoring of your ward’s study habits
  • Frequent and appropriate interaction and sharing between you and teachers of your ward.
  • Take care sufficiently of the physical health/ emotional health/ intellectual health/ social health of your ward.
  • Maintain trustworthy relationship with your ward encourage deep sharing between you and your ward.
  • Guarded and monitored use of social media by your ward.
  • Gentle yet firm mentoring of your ward by you time to time.
  • Ensure to avoid counter witness, bad examples, breach of values and unbecoming behaviour from your side in the presence of your ward.
  • Cordial and mature relationship between you and your spouse for the better growth of your ward.
  • Avoid all forms of violence and aggression meted out to your ward while dealing with his/her limitations.
  • Being alert and quick to take care all safety measures to protect your child from any risky situations. Hence make it a point to pick up your ward yourself from the school during school hours when you need her/him to go home.
  • In unavoidable situations where it is not possible for you to personally pick your ward from the school during the school hour you are strictly to provide an application duly signed by you along with the xerox copy of ID proof of the person who will pick up your ward on your behalf.

Looking forward to your collaboration and support on our journey of forming your ward.

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (Matthew 19:14)

God Bless You !
With Regards,
Rev. Sr. Zita Cutinha