Examination Pattern

The school is following C.B.S.E examination pattern as the session is divided into two terms of 100 marks each. TERM-I (UT-1, PT-1 and Half Yearly) and TERM-II (UT-2, PT-2 and Annual Exams) for classes I-VIII whereas the school will conduct three periodic written tests for Class IX & X in the entire academic year and the average of best two will be added in the internal assessment.

These tests will be held as one mid-term, and the other two pre mid-term and post mid-term with portion of syllabus cumulatively covered. Besides these periodic tests, unit tests will also be taken and the marks of the same will be added to the periodic tests. The ANNUAL EXAMINATION (80 marks) will be conducted at the end of academic session.

Schedule of Examinations


UT I                                        First Week of MAY
PT I                                          Third Week of JULY
HALF YEARLY                        Third Week of SEPTEMBER
UT II                                       Last week of NOVEMBER
PT II                  Third Week of DECEMBER
ANNUAL EXAMS             Third Week of FEBRUARY (Tentative)


UT I                                           First Week of MAY
PT I                                      Third Week of JULY
UT II                              Second Week of SEPTEMBER
PT II            Last Week of OCTOBER
UT III                                    Last Week of NOVEMBER
PT III                                Third Week of DECEMBER
Pre Board I                          Second Week of JANUARY (Tentative)
Pre Board II                          Second Week of FEBRUARY (Tentative)
ANNUAL EXAMS                  Towards the end of the session.