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Event Date: 7th May, 2022
Head Boy/Head Girl's Message
Head Boy's / Head Girl's Message (2018-2019)
Head Boy's Message

A very good morning to everyone present here. Today I Pulkit Singh am standing here as the Head Boy for this prestigious institution. Firstly, I would like to thank the management staff who thought me capable to take up this opportunity. The dream that I dreamt in class IV has now become a reality. And I don’t have words to express my extreme happiness. Actually 26 letters of English are small enough to bind up my happiness in them. I am not standing here to tell you my achievement. I am actually standing here to tell you my expectations from myself being the Head Boy this year. As a loyal Head Boy is asked to accomplish all his duties with utmost sincerity and determination to give justice to this badge. Today is the happiest day for me but at the same time this badge makes me remind that I am not given this badge just to be happy, it is given to accomplish all these duties which I ought to do. Secondly, I would not make any fake promises to you because I believe that I will do then prove, rather we will do and then prove. I don’t want to become any politician and show you big-big dreams, we will walk together and make those dreams reality. At this moment I am filled with enthusiasm to begin this fantastic new journey of my life and it would be successful only with your valuable support and God’s Blessings.

Thank you
Pulkit Singh

(Head Boy)

Head Girl's Message

May our learning be holistic that conjoins our body, mind and heart.
May our dreams so beyond individual destinations and kind humanity.
May our growth be realistic that leads us to maximum happiness.
May our contribution be significant to the greater good of the society.

We all are here to learn, to dream, to grow and to contribute. This is what makes our lives worthwhile!

Being elected as the head girl of the school, I, Khushi Kaushik, see this as a great opportunity; an opportunity to inculcate values, discipline and harmony in lives of others; an opportunity to lead by example. This indeed is an opportunity to create a shared vision force better society.

I will lead the school with the only agenda of staging exemplary results. But how will I do it? Let me narrate a short story.

Once in a Sunday Christian school, a teacher asked the students to paint something about Jesus. One child painted an aero plane. It was a very happen act attempt as it only looked like an aero plane. There were four people keeping out of the four windows on the plane. The teacher was intrigued. “Who are these four people looking from the window?”

The child said, “One is God, the father, second is Jesus Christ, the son and the third is the Holy Spirit.”

After knowing three, the teacher was even more curious. He asked, “Three are all right, but who is this fourth?” The child said, “It’s me, the pilot.”

The story underlines the message which I want to convey. A child knows how to carry the whole society his back, in his aero plane. He knows his dreams, his strengths and his space. He is not bothered about the divinity or any sort of limitations, because he knows how to create his castle on the sea-shore irrespective of the tides. He knows how to survive in a little space, because he knows how to paint the color of his own choice on the plain sheet of destiny. But gradually as we keep moving into adulthood, we tent to forget the child in us and a life of limitations Awaits us – so, whether in the classroom, in the playground or in the survival of the fittest, we should always carry the child within our heart.

The school cabinet selected from the masses, by the masses and for the masses will surely help students grow and excel and become better humans by keeping the child within them awake.

Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. For me, being the head girl is not about position or the title but it is about action and example which can make a difference. It is an honour and privilege for me to be a head girl of the school. I, stand here as a leader not just to lead you but to work in collaboration with each one of you to achieve the best for our school. I promise to work hard with all the zeal, devotion and determination. I’ll try my best and work persistently for the excellence of our school

And at last, I express my gratitude towards the enlightening and indwelling visions of our school heads our manager Rev. Sr. Rose, our principal Rev. Sr. Zita, our vice principal Rev. Sr. Ambika and all the untiring teachers, the kind staff and the student aspirants who put trust in my ability to lead and produce results.

I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned to make our school scale the heights of success trying to keep the child to intact within all.

Thank you
Khushi Kaushik

(Head Girl)
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