Greetings of peace and well being!

Sunrise and sunset has one thing in common. One heralds the beginning of a new day and the other brings the hope of a better tomorrow. As each new academic session begins we see this common factor of a new beginning and a better tomorrow of these educated and empowered children who act as representatives of a meaningful and value based society.

At the onset I welcome you to our website, informative, influencing and interesting. I invite you to be grateful to our benevolent God as you navigate your way through this site and discover for yourself that St. Francis Convent School is an Institution which envisages an all round and balanced education based on sound intellectual, physical, moral and social formation. Special stress has been laid on the character formation based on sound value system and development of personality. It aims at making students erudite, patriotic, law abiding and ceaselessly seeking excellence with a deep concern for all especially the weak and the poor sections of the society.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space for stop. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom,” Said Victor Franklin.

At Saint Francis Convent school we offer multitude of opportunities to our children; it is for them to make the most of it. We motivate the children to grab every opportunity that comes their way, which would not only help in their holistic growth, but also strengthen their belief in teamwork, which is vital in this fast paced world. They understand the importance of emotional balance, critical thinking, and most importantly, accepting failure graciously.

COVID-19 has had unprecedented impact on the education of children around the world. With the enforcement of strict social distancing measures and school closure in many countries, there has been a rapid, widespread and potentially permanent change to traditional models of teaching and learning. The pandemic has transformed the centuries’ old chalk and talk teaching model to one driven by technology. Let us acknowledge the pandemic, problematic though it is, also provides many possibilities for growth. It is an eye opener to humanize us and orient us to God, one another and mother Earth.

“God upsets our plan only to set up His plan for us because we see our present and plan for our future; but He sees our future and plans our present.”

I use this platform to acknowledge with gratitude the unbridled love and sustained efforts of my predecessors, managers and teachers for their keen interest and enthusiasm through which they contributed for the welfare of all, especially the students entrusted to their care.

I am grateful to you dear parents, for your support and ever willing spirit to co-operate with the management in providing the best education for your ward.

Lastly, I would like to say that education is a process of waking up to life and its mysteries, to its solvable problems and the ways to solve the problems, to celebrate the mysteries of life. Transforming human being into ‘being human’ is the core of education. I'm confident that with the help of God, with the dedicated staff and with the support of all the stakeholders, we will be able to achieve the greater heights in the society.

God bless you all!

Rev. Sr. Princy.